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Photos 1970-1979

1970, Japan

1970, Japan

1970, Germany
Thanks to Raoul (Germany)

1970, December, Paris:

1970, December 23, Brazil
w / his Dog Nero at Itanhanga

1971, Casa Itanhanga, Brazil:
w / Dori Caymmi
Thanks to Mark from Australia

1971, Casa Itanhanga, Brazil:

1972, Taunusstein, Germany:
Baden's first visit in Dieter Hopf's Atelier.
Back: Wolfgang Hopf. Thanks to Dieter Hopf.

1973, Casa Itanhanga, Brazil:
w / Marcia

1974, at Dieter Hopf's Atelier, Taunusstein, Germany:
Thanks to Dieter Hopf.

1974, Dieter Hopf Atelier, Taunusstein, Germany:
w / Guy Pederson and Dieter Hopf

1975, April, Heidelberg, Germany:
Thanks to Helge.

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