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"Ao vivo Santa Rosa", 1966

Image: Concert Ad
Recital de Samba
Concert Ad
Baden Powell de volta
Concert Ad (1)
Concert Ad (2)
"Show" de Bossa no Teatro Santa Rosa
Newspaper Concert Snippet
Baden Powell em discussao
Baden Powell ao vivo
Discos "Ao Vivo"
Year: Diario de Noticias, Thursday, 13 May 1965, Brazil (Ad)
Diario de Noticias, Sunday, 16 May 1965, Brazil (Recital)
Jornal do Brasil, Thursday, 20 May 1965, Brazil (Ad), p.43
Jornal do Commercio, Friday, 21 May 1965, Brazil (de Volta)
Correio Da Manha, Tuesday, 25 May 1965, Brazil (Two Ad's)
O Jornal, Monday, 6 June 1966, Brazil (Show de Bossa)
Tribuna da Imprensa, Monday, 14 June 1965, Brazil (Snippet)
Jornal do Brasil, Wednesday, 20 July 1966, Brazil (Em Discussao)
Sunday, 31 July 1966, Brazil (Ao Vivo)
Tribuna da Imprensa, Friday, 12 August 1966, Brazil (Discos)
Special Medal to: Mark from Australia, he discovered the long missed recording date.
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