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  1. Pai
  2. Tristeza
  3. Round About Midnight
  4. Nega Do Cabelo Duro
  5. Aos Pes Da Santa Cruz
  6. Lotus
Group: Baden Powell Quartet
Musicians: Baden Powell (git, vcl)
Ernesto Ribeiro-Goncalves (b)
Helio Schiavo (dr)
Alfredo Bessa (perc)
Guitar Model: Author 3 by luthier Reinaldo DiGiorgio
Year of performance: On Wednesday, 9 December 1970,
Studio ORTF, Paris, France
Producer & Crew: Direction and Producing: Andre Francis,
Henri Renaud, Bernard Lion
Linernotes: Extract of a interview with
Baden Powell by Henri Renaud (French)
Foto: Jean-Pierre Leloir
Total Time 28:00 min.
Label: Festival (France)
LP number: FLDX 598 (1971)
30 CO 1414 (1976)
MC number: Musidisc 20 097 (circa 1975-1976)
Release Year: LP: 1971, France
LP Reprint: 1976, France (as Tristeza)
MC: 1975-1976, France
Year of movie release: November 2009 by INA (France).
Commercial download for 10-15 Euro,
as file or as cd. In high quality.
Also published as: Tristeza (LP, France, Musidisc, circa 1976)
Description: This is the first release on Festival.
Last page update: March 2020

BrazilOnGuitar says: This record originated of a half-hour recording for a french TV-show on Dec. 9th 1970. Lotus is not as closed thematically as Canto on Guitar (maybe because it was not intended as a long play record), still it offers another insight into the newly found freedom of making music and improvising, that Baden Powell found end of 1970.

Canto on Guitar, Lotus and the threepart Baden Powell Quartet series can be seen as a complex development from Afro-Brazilian music to Jazz and combining both to a peculiar style. An excerpt of the Lotus session can be seen in the documentation Velho Amigo, where Baden Powell plays Round about Midnight.

Date of first TV-Release of the whole session: 28 December 1971
Tracks 3, 5, 6 released on CD: Le Coeur de Baden Powell

We thank Robert G. (Germany) for his translation.

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