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Baden Powell (1971)

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  1. Carinhoso
  2. Violao Vadio
  3. Bom De Dedo
  4. Naquele Tempo
  5. Gente Humilde
  6. Rosa
  7. Pausa Para Meditacao
  8. Marcia Meu Amor
  9. Filho De Furinha *
  10. 1:0 (Um a zero)
Musicians: Baden Powell (git, vcl)
Cesario Alvim (b)
Nelson Serra de Castro (dr)
Luis Agudo, Silvio Silveira (perc)
Janine de Waleyne (vcl)
Jean Michel Defaye (orchestra)
Guitar Model: Author 3 by luthier Reinaldo DiGiorgio
Year of performance: From Wednesday to Friday, 20-22 January 1971,
Studio Barclay-Hoche, Paris, France
Producer & Crew: Direction and Producing: Jacques Lubin
Recording Engineers: Charles Rochko & J. Roy
Cutting Master: Dominique Samarco
Linernotes: Jacques Lubin (French / English)
Foto: Alain Sadoc
Total Time 33:04 min.
Label: Barclay (France)
LP number: 80.431 U (France)
Tape number: 530105 (Spain)
Release Year: LP: 1971, France & Canada
LP: 1972 Brazil, Notice in "O Globo", 13 Sep 1972, p.5
LP & Tape: 1972, Spain
Also published on: Le grand festival (LP, France, 1971)
Baden Powell Portrait (LP, France, 1975)
Last Update: 02 / 2021

Mint copies of the French first pressing (80.431 U) are hard to find. Most pressings as of 1972 do not contain the liner notes by Jacques Lubin. Unfortunately, there was not payed much attention to the record's title, so it got almost lost among the Barclay compilations that flooded the market. Baden Powell interpreta [...] would have made more sense. Somebody tried to distinguish the record naming it "Carinhoso", but thus only deepening the chaos, as we think. The record was and remained unknown under this title. In our discography we prefer the title Baden Powell (1971). Some tracks of the recordings got never released elsewhere.


BrazilOnGuitar says: BP begins the year 1971 with his 6th and last recording on the Barclay label. It is an hommage to Garoto and Pixinguinha, except for two compositions of his own. This record from January is very different from its three antecessors. The first and highly succesful Quartet formation was splitting up so he chose musicians that had accompanied him on the two Le Monde Musical recordings. With them he would turn back years, stylistically.

Possibly, Baden was too tired from intensive studio work and last years' European tours to work on new material and deepen the quest for musical freedom. Maybe that is how this musical hommage was made by re-arranging existing compositions.
Four months later he would again travel to Japan. Until the end of 1971 he would have recorded with new energy and new compositions six more records.

* "Furinha" is the nick name of the brazilian composer Demerval Fonseca Neto.

We thank Robert G. for his translation.

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