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Solitude on Guitar
Solitude on Guitar - Gravado na Alemanha
Soledades Baden Powell

Cover: LP Germany - front  /  back  /  insert  /  label
LP Germany - front  /  back  /  insert  /  label
LP Japan - front  /  insert  /  back  /  label
LP USA - front  /  back  /  label
CD Japan 1994 - front  /  back  /  booklet  /  disc  /  matrix
CD Brazil 2001 - front  /  back
CD Japan 2001 - front  /  back  /  disc
CD Japan 2005 - front  /  back
CD Germany 2001 - front  /  back  /  booklet excerpt  /  disc  /  matrix
CD Japan 2014 - front  /  w obi  /  back  /  booklet  /  disc  /  matrix
  1. Introducao ao poema dos olhos da amada
  2. Chara
  3. Se todos fossem iguais a voce
  4. Marcia, eu te amo
  5. Na Gafieira do Vidigal
  6. Kommt ein Vogel geflogen
  7. Fim da Linha
  8. The shadow of your smile
  9. Brasiliana
  10. Bassamba
  11. Por causa de voce
  12. Solitario
Musicians: Baden Powell (git)
Eberhard Weber (b)
Joaquim Paes Henriques (dr)
Guitar Model: Author 3 by luthier Reinaldo DiGiorgio
Year of performance: From Wednesday to Thursday, 10-11 December 1971,
Studio Walldorf, Germany
Producer & Crew: Producer: Joachim E. Berendt
Assistance: Julio Medaglia
Recording Engineer: Torsten Wintermeier
Linernotes: Joachim E. Berendt (German / English)
English Translation: Clay Sherman
Front Foto (Germany): Hans Harzheim
Back Foto (Germany): Martin Pudenz
Front Foto (Japan): Tadayuki Naitoh
Total Time 38:47 min.
Label: CBS / Columbia / Epic / Sony
Country: Germany (first release)
LP number: S 65494 (1973, Germany, same number, different cover)
C 32441 (1973, USA)
EPIC ECPL-102 (1973, Japan)
22026 (1976, Germany)
Columbia C 32441 (LP Reissue, 16 May 2011, Germany)
CD number: ESCA-7555 / ESCA-7865 (1994, Japan)
746.043/2-464344 (1995 ?, Brazil)
2-464311 (2001, Remaster, Brazil)
Epic EICP 540 (2005, Limited, Japan)
COl 478492 2 (2007, Germany)
Columbia 711490 (2014, Japan)
SICP-4221 (2014, Japan)
Sony Music DV001386785V (2014, Europe)
UPC / EAN number: 4988010786526 (1994, Japan)
7891073101991 (1995?, Brazil)
5099746434427 (2001, Brazil)
5099747849220 (2001, Germany)
4547366021905 (2005, Japan)
0886971227222 (2007, Germany)
0888430912922 (2014, Europe)
4547366222753 (2014, Japan)
Release Year: LP: 31 August 1973, Germany, Newspaper Reports here
LP: 31 August 1973, Spain (as Soledades Baden Powell]
LP: 31 August 1973, Japan
LP: 18 December 1973, Brazil (newspaper report)
LP: 1973, USA
LP: 1976, Germany (2 LP w/ Grandezza on Guitar)
LP Reprint US Cover: 16 May 2011, Germany

MC: 1973, Brazil

CD: 21 July 1994, Japan
CD: 17 May 1995 ?, Brazil
CD: 15 January 2001, Remaster, Brazil
CD: 3 August 2005, Limited Edition, Japan
CD: 12 October 2007, Germany
CD: 14 July 2014, Europe
CD: 24 September 2014, Japan
Also published as: Solitude on Guitar - Grandezza on Guitar (CBS 22 026, 2-LP, 1976)
Description: A german / english text-insert by J.B. Berendt in the german 1973 edition.
The linernotes on the USA print are the same as on the german record.
Last page update: February 2021

BrazilOnGuitar says: In the liner notes of Images on Guitar could be read that the next record would only contain instrumental pieces. This project was not realised. BP recorded his next record with the German Jazz bass player Eberhard Weber and the drummer Joaquim Paes Henriques and can be seen as an declaration of love to Marcia.

In 1971 six compositions by BP (two solos), five arrangement and a composition by Eberhard Weber were recorded and released two years later with the title Solitude on Guitar. Only three weeks after the recordings of Images BP was again recording material for two records. However, Solitude and Grandezza cannot continue the concept and quality of Images. The music of Solitude has it's own charm but lacks an unifying concept. The record's title is deceiving, there not only sad melodies but also happy dances and romantic love songs.
After Solitude BP's interest in releasing new solo pieces would decrease. Possibly this lacking motivation was the reason for the mentioned unrealised solo project.

The composition Bassamba by Eberhard Weber can rather be seen fitting with the Grandezza tracks than with the love theme of the other Solitude tracks.

The friend of Baden, Edgard Pocas, remembered, that pieces like "Na Gafieira do Vidigal", "Chará", "Solitário", "Fim de Linha" and "Márcia eu te amo" was written at the time in the studio.

These recordings from 10 - 11 December 1971 were not only a change in BP's music but also the end of his work with his friend and producer Joachim E. Berendt.

We thank Robert G. for his translation, Max for the Brazil, Mark for the 2014 Japan Scans, Rainer Siegle for the 2nd German LP Print and Edgard Pocas (Brazil) for his support and informations.

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