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  1. Casa Velha
  2. Alcantara
  3. Igarape
  4. Estorias De Alcantara
  5. Waltzing
  6. Lembrancas
  7. Abstrato
  8. As Flores
  9. Bala Toffe (Balantofe)
  10. Brisa Do Mar
Musicians: Baden Powell (git, vcl)
Gabriel Bezerra de Melo (b)
Joaquim Paes Henriques (dr)
Nelson Franca Guimaraes (cuica)
Paulo Humberto Pizziali (perc)
Braz Limonge Filho (ob)
Jorge Ferreira da Silva (fl)
Guitar Model: Flamenco Guitar by luthier Dieter Hopf
Year of performance: Studio, 1973, Rio de Janeiro
Producer & Crew: Producing: Fanfan Music
Linernotes: Claus Schreiner (German / English)
Foto: Claus Schreiner
Artwork: Herbert Joos
Total Time 53:29 min.
Label: MPS / Polydor (Germany)
LP number: 15.443
MC number: 2332500-3 (MPS Germany, 1975)
CD number: 829 871-2 (Baden Powell)
519216-2 (Three Originals)
UPC / EAN number: 731451921629 (Cd Three Originals)
Release Year: LP: May 1975, Germany

Notice in "Algemeen Dagblad", 23 Sep 1975, p.11

LP: 1975, Japan
MC: 1975, Germany
CD: 1989 (MPS) & 1993 (Polydor)
Also published as: Baden Powell (3-LP 1981 / 2-Cd, 1989, Germany)
Three originals (2-Cd, 1993, Germany)
Description: Linernotes by Claus Schreiner. Last record for MPS.
Last page update: February 2021

BrazilOnGuitar says: In 1973 Baden Powell recorded ten new interesting compositions with a septet. The record was released in 1975 with the title Apaixonado (passionate). Even though this is quite an early recording it can be considered as composing legacy. He would only publish and record fewer and singular compostions later on. On the following records he would only arrange and interpret.

In the musical world of BP Apaixonado has an important place in his opus as a composer. Thematically and harmonically the LP is very closed. Four compositions are played by the septet, three solo pieces and three with little instrumentation. The dancing compositions for septet contain improvisated parts of high technical and musical level, alternated by more melancholic arranged compositions. After Estudos, Apaixonado can be seen as the closing of an experimental phase. They combine different styles and show the strong interconnection of composition and improvisation in BP's work.

In the personal liner notes Claus Schreiner describes BP as a person with great sensibility for his ambience, a person who loves music and shows this passionately in his compositions.

We think that this description fits quite well for Apaixonado, it is one of his most important and beautiful records. Further the titles appear like a traveler's diary: The road from an old city (Casa Velha) in ten songs to the sea (Brisa do Mar), where the composer set a quiet meditation for voice and guitar.

The surrealistic cover was done by the German jazz musician and illustrator Herbert Joos: BP as a guitar-flower at the sea, united with the rainbow. Exemplifying the record's character full of phantasy and freedom.

Regrettaby we could not find out the exact recording date. Not much known is about the musicians either. Braz Limonge, who played oboe, was a member of the Quinteto Villa Lobos. Gabriel Bezerra (if he is the same) already played with BP in 1957 on one of his first recordings, Gaucho e seu sexteto. Jorge Ferreira da Silva accompanied him on Baden Powell a vontade in 1963.

We think that the record's sound is a little bit unbalanced. In 1989 the first CD re-release was published, but all later re-releases did not bring a significantly better sound either.

We thank Robert G. (Germany) for his translation.

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