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Baden plays Vinicius

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also as single Cardcover edition
  1. Consolacao
  2. Tempo Feliz
  3. Samba Em Preludio
  4. Valsa Sem Nome
  5. So Por Amor
  6. Apelo
  7. Samba Da Bencao
  8. Deixa
Musician: Baden Powell (git)
Guitar Model: Concert modell by luthier Anibal J. Crespo
Year of performance: On Thursday, 13 April 2000
Boogie Woogie Studio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Producer & Crew: Direction & Produced: Armando Pittigliani
Digital Mastering: Luigi Hoffer
Linernotes: Remy Kolpa Kopoul (French / English)
ASAP Label Manager: Adriana Pittigliani
Artwork: Breno Pinechi
Total Time 35:20 min.
Label: Naive (France)
CD number: WN145092 (Digipack)
WN 145099 (Cardcover)
UPC / EAN number: 3298491450924
Release Year: CD: 20 August 2006
Last page update: 23 August 2017

BrazilOnGuitar says: This recording is very close to Baden Powell´s record Lembrancas. Very great and sensitive solo versions of some of his compositions. His interpretation of Samba em Preludio is incredible. This late recording and later release is a present for all lovers of Baden Powell´s music.

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