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Baden Powell - O Mestre do Violao Brasileiro

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  1. Apresentando Baden Powell e seu violao
  2. Um Violao na Madrugada
  3. Baden Powell swings with Jimmy Pratt
  4. Baden Powell a Vontade
  5. Baden Powell ao Vivo no Teatro Santa Rosa [Live]
  6. Tempo feliz
  7. Os Afro Sambas - Baden e Vinicius
  8. Baden - O som de Baden Powell
  9. Show Recital - Baden e Marcia [Live]
  10. 27 Horas de Estudio
  11. Os Cantores da Lapinha
  12. Estudos
  13. E de Lei (Images on Guitar)
Guitar Model: Author 3 by luthier Reinaldo DiGiorgio
Year of performance: Studio, 1959-1971 and Live Cds: 5 and 9
Remaster Crew: Project: Carlos Alberto Sion, Tarik de Souza
Project Assistence: Bia Sion, Luis Fernando Borges
Linernotes: Tarik de Souza, Lee Jeske (BR, Eng, FR)
French Translation: Dominique Dreyfus
Design: Ruth Freihof
Design Assistence: Anderson Araujo Soares da Costa
Graphic Coordination: Ge Alves Pinto, Geysa Adnet
Thanks to: Caetano Rodriguez, Carlos Alberto Afonso,
Joao de Aquino
Total Time 469:59 min.
Label: Universal Music (Brazil)
Box number: 04400166762
UPC / EAN number: 044001667626
Release Year: LP: 1959-1972, Brazil
Box: 25 June 2003, Brazil
Comments: A must have one. 13 lovely remastered CDs with the
original record covers and a 16-page-booklet.
Last page update: 22 November 2016

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