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Francis Lai - Un homme et une femme -
A Man and a Woman

Cover: LP France - front  /  back
LP USA - front  /  back  /  label (USA, 1966)
CD - front  /  booklet  /  back (France, 1988)
CD - front  /  booklet excerpt  /  back (USA, 2012)
  1. Un Homme Et Une Femme
  2. Samba Saravah (Samba Da Bencao) (4:36) *
  3. Aujourd’Hui C’Est Toi (Nicole Croisille)
  4. Un Homme Et Une Femme
    (Nicole Croisille & Pierre Barouh)
  5. Plus Fort Que Nous
  6. Aujourd’Hui C’Est Toi
  7. A L'ombre De Nous (Pierre Barouh)
  8. Plus Fort Que Nous
    (Nicole Croisille & Pierre Barouh)
  9. A 200 a l´heure

  10. Additional Limited Edition Tracks

  11. A Man And A Woman (02:42)
  12. My Heart Loves The Samba (04:25) *
  13. All At Once It Love (Nicole Croisille)
  14. A Man And A Woman
    (Nicole Croisille & Pierre Barouh)
  15. Love Is Far Stronger Than We
  16. All At Once It's Love
  17. The Shadows Of Our Love (Pierre Barouh)
  18. Love Is Far Stronger Than We
    (Nicole Croisille & Pierre Barouh)
  19. A Man And A Woman
  20. A Man And A Woman (Alternate Take)
    (Nicole Croisille & Pierre Barouh)
Musicians: Pierre Barouh (vcl)
Nicole Croisille
Maurice Vander, Ivan Julien (arrang.)

Oscar Castro Neves (p)
Baden Powell (git)
Sergio Barroso (b)
Nicolino Copinha (flute)
Oswaldo da Silva (?) (perc)
Milton Banana (dr)
Guitar Model: Author 3 by luthier Reinaldo DiGiorgio
Year of performance: Studio, 1965, Brazil
Studio Davout, France
Total Time Tracks 1-9: 29:20 min. / Limited Edition: 60:54 min.
Label: Disc AZ (France, 1966)
United Artist (USA, 1966)
discAZ (France, 1988)
Kritzerland (USA, 2012)
LP number: LP S7
CD number: First edition: 101292 (1988)
Limited Edition: KR20021-5 (2012)
UPC / EAN number: 3229261012929 (France, 1988)
857252002159 (USA, 2012)
Release Year: LP: 1966, France, USA
CD: 1988, France
CD: 2012, USA
Last page update: 19 August 2017

Samba Saravah is recorded in 1965, probably with Roses from the Pierre Barouh record "Vivre". There exist also a second version of Samba Saravah in english, released now on the Limited Editon. Probably all musicians on the list play on track two. Theatrical Release Date: 25 October 1966, Paris.

The Kritzerland release is a Limited Edition of 1000 Copys. The first presentation of A Man and a Woman on CD in stereo from the original album masters housed in the MGM vaults, in both French and English versions on
19 tracks.

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