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Andre Heller - Das war Andre Heller

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  1. Marylin Monroe
  2. Du, Du, Du
  3. Ich fordere
  4. Mei potschats Lebn, des is mei
  5. Cancao * (2:49)
  6. Und dann bin I ka Liliputaner
  7. Komm, Heller, Komm
  8. Royal Manhattan Hotel Bluesy
  9. Jeder Zeitraum hat etwas eigen
  10. Lili Marleen
  11. Kumm ma mit kane susreden mehr
  12. Gut ist's ein Narr zu sein
Musicians: Andre Heller (vcl)
Baden Powell (git)
Joaquim Paes Henriques (dr) ?
Guitar Model: Author 3 by luthier Reinaldo DiGiorgio
Year of performance: Austrophonstudio, Vienna, November 1971 - July 1972
Studio Walldorf ?, Germany (Baden Powell track)
Producer & Crew: Sound and Mixing: Friedensreich Skrabal
Assistence: Norbert Sadek, Peter Hornacek
Arrang., Bearbeitung: Robert Opratko
Total Time 40:10 min.
Label: BASF / Sonia (Germany)
LP number: 20 21391-9
CD number: 77072
UPC / EAN number: 4002587770723
Release Year: LP: 1972, Germany
CD: 1988, Germany
Last page update: 11 November 2016

BrazilOnGuitar says: we think that "Cancao" (Baden Powell and drums) is a extract of a improvised warm-up / soundcheck from the german Villingen-session for Images on guitar in October 1971.

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