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Baden Powell - Tempo de Musica

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  1. Introduction / Desafinado (Live, 1992)
  2. Les origines et la guitare
    (Origins and the guitar)
  3. Naquele tempo (Live, 1992)
  4. Serenades
  5. Samba em preludio (early 60ths)
  6. La guitare volee
    (The stolen guitar)
  7. Interrogando (2000) *
  8. Professeur Meira
  9. Tributo ao Professor Meira
    (Choro em menor) (Live, 1990) **
  10. Etudes
  11. Coisa No.1 (Live, 1992)
  12. L'education de l'instrument
    (Education in the instrument)
  13. Jeux interdits / Adelita / Asturias (Live, 1992)
  14. Pixiguinha
  15. Rosa (Live, 1990) **
  16. Les chanteurs et premieres rencontres
    (Singers and first encounters)

  17. O astronauta (Live, 1992)
  18. Vinicius: la rencontre
    (Meeting with Vinicius)
  19. Apelo (early 60ths)
  20. Musique classique
  21. Prelude No.6 (Bach) (early 60ths)
  22. Jesus bleibet meine Freude
    (Jesus Alegria dos Homens)
    Coral de la cantate 147(Live, 1999)
  23. Periquito (probably in 1965)
  24. La bande de Copacabana
    (The Copacabana Crowd)
  25. Garoto
  26. Gente humilde (Live, 1990) **
  27. Vinicius Le complice
    (Collaboration with Vinicius)
  28. Variacao afro/ Consolacao (Live, 1999)
  29. Samba da Bencao
  30. Les afro sambas / Canto de Ossanha (1990) ***
  31. Quartier latin
  32. Medley solo: (unknown date, circa 1998-2000)
    - Vou por ai
    - Vou deitar e rolar
    - Consolacao
    - Falei e disse
Guitar Model: Author 3 by luthier Reinaldo DiGiorgio
Yamaha Grand Concert by luthier Akio Naniki
and some other unknown Yamaha models
Concert model by luthier Anibal J. Crespo
Year of performance: Studio and Live, 1960-2000
The violin tracks probably 1963-1965.
Remaster Crew: Realisation & Translations: Philippe Baden Powell,
Joel Leibovitz
Booklet Notes by Laurent Veilion, Philippe Baden Powell
Mastering and Document restauration:
Francois Terrazzoni-Parelies
Foto Restauration: Gerard Penkhoss
Contributions and Thanks to Silvia Powell, Lula Freire,
Fernando Faro, Lilian Quimerali, Cussy de Almeida,
Joel Leibowitz, Jean-Baptiste Ambroggiani, Marjorie Attou
Total Time 97:22 min.
Label: Iris Music (France)
CD number: 3001 967
UPC / EAN number: 3464630019677
Release Year: CD: 28 September 2006, France
Also published on: *    Baden - Joao Pernambuco e o sertao
**    Live at the Rio Jazz Club
***    Os afro-sambas (1990)
Description: 11 page pasted-in booklet with descriptions and
translations of the interview by his son Philippe in
french and english. Well-known recordings
combined with rare live tracks and private recordings
of the early sixties, accompanied by a violin.
The booklet includes also rare pictures and a index
for tracks and keywords.
Style: Guitar and voice only.
The tracks of the sixties with Violin.
Last page update: 23 October 2016

BrazilOnGuitar says: The Box is lovely created and it´s a personal review by his son Philippe. Music and booklet are fine. This box is not only for the collectors.
Its one more way to remember Baden Powell´s life and music.

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