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Andre Heller - Neue Lieder

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  1. Ein höflicher Anfang
  2. Wer bin ich eigentlich?
  3. Sei Poet
  4. Rudolfo Valentino
  5. Jetzt, wo alles besprochen ist
  6. Die Lüge ist wahrer als die Wahrheit
  7. Weit, weit, weit
  8. Schnucki, ach Schnucki
  9. Denn ich will *
  10. Sommer 1949 in Bad Ischl
  11. Wenn i amal stirb
  12. Ich hab mich in dir verloren
  13. A-be-bu
  14. Was mir der Dichter Luis Rosalez [...]
  15. Abschied
  16. Ein höfliches Ende
Group: various
Musicians: Andre Heller (vcl)
and various musicians
Baden Powell (git) ?
Guitar Model: Flamenco Guitar by luthier Dieter Hopf
Year of performance: June-July 1973, Austrophon Studio, Vienna
Total Time 41:55 min.
Label: Intercord (Club-Special-Edition) (Germany)
LP number: 27718-6 (1973)
Release Year: LP: 1973, Germany
Description: Gatefoldcover
Last page update: 9 November 2016

BrazilOnGuitar says: It's hard to identify any performing of Baden Powell on this record, but we added this record for the completist. Maybe he played on track 9 the background guitar. Please see the bigger scan of the backside, where Baden Powell is named as performer.

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