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Claude Nougaro - Cadence

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  1. Cadence
  2. Marisa (2:45) *
Musicians: Claude Nougaro (vcl)
Baden Powell (git) *
Bernard Arcodia (orchestra)
Guitar Model: "Virtuoso" Guitar by luthier Dieter Hopf
Year of performance: Studio des Dames, Paris, 1982
Producer & Crew: Realisation and Artistic Direction: Leo Missir
Foto: Arlette Kotchounian
Total Time 6:53 min.
Label: Barclay (France)
Single Record number: 100.248
Cd number: 9822399-4
UPC / EAN number: 602498223949
Release Year: Single: 1982, France
Cd Box: 2004, France
Released on cd: Claude Nougaro - Intégrale studio 1962-2000
CD Nr.4; Africa Brasil (2004)
Comments: See below a lyric translation by Jerome Outhier (France).
Last page update: 9 November 2016

Lyrics by Claude Nougaro
Music by Jean-Pierre Mas

I wish i was a silica grain
On a beach of Bahia
to invest the delicate interstices (*) of Marisa

Yes,I wish i was a sand grain
On a beach of Brazil
to slip into the mehanism
of Marisa closing his lashes

I wish i was a mica grain
to encrust its lap (**)
And that finally I hide there
as a delicate sodomite

Or, willing to be more wise,
being at my own risks,
under the anthropophagous sun,
the water pearl in its navel.
(*) interstice:
1. A space between things or parts,
especially a space between things closely set;
a narrow chink; a crack; a crevice; an interval.
2. An interval of time.

(**) lap: in between legs

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