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Scarambone e Seu Conjunto -
Orgao Dancante

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  1. I Could Have Danced All Night
  2. Sabra Dios
  3. So Deus
  4. With A Song In My Heart
  5. Cinzeiro Cheio
  6. Solucao
  7. Till
  8. Non Dimenticar
  9. There Goes My Heart
  10. Conversa
  11. Um Violino Nel Mio Cuore
  12. Brasil Moreno
Group: Scarambone e Seu Conjunto
Musicians: Francisco Scarambone (organ)
Baden Powell (e-git)
Del Loro (violão)
Marinho (bass)
José Scarambone (vibrafone)
Barão (Drums on Foxtrotts and Boleros)
Plinio (Drums on all Sambas)
Gilberto (Pandeiro, Maraca)
Celso (Caixeta)
Guitar Model: Gibson L-5 non-cutaway model
Year of performance: Studio, probably 1959
because Baden plays Electric
Total Time 33:36 min.
Label: RCA Victor
LP number: BBL 1089
Release Year: LP: 1960, Brazil
Thanks: We thank Frank-Oliver (Germany)
for his information and support.
Last page update: 1 November 2016

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