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Signed Guitar for Edgard Pocas, 1965

Image: here as pdf
Year: Autographed by Baden during rehearsals of the show
Vinicius Poetry and Song, Teatro Municipal de São Paulo, 1965.
Description: Guitar manufacturer: Del Vecchio
It also has signatures of Vinicius de Moraes, Joao Gilberto,
Carlos Lyra, Edu Lobo, Francis Hime, Chico Buarque,
Cyro Monteiro. Elisete Cardoso, Caetano Veloso,
Gilberto Gil, Norma Bengell, Odette Lara, Rosie Valencia,
Walter Wanderlet, Dom Um Romão, Locals, MPB4,
Paulinho Nogueira, Ruy Guerra, Maria Bethania,
Anna Lucia, etc. ...
Thanks to: Edgard Pocas for all his support of the site.

Photos courtesy Edgard Poças.
Acknowledgements: Duarte da Silva
and Vitor Poças
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