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Baden and friends at the house of
Mr. Eduardo Prates and Mrs. Haydée, Berlin 1972

Image: here
Year: Berlin, 1972
Description: Leniza Castello Branco took the picture during a meeting in the
house of Mr. Eduardo Prates and Mrs. Haydée.

Leniza identified some people:
Jane Ulhoa Schmidt, Lećo de Barros (on the ground).
On the couch Arthur Joseph Poerner (writer, journalist and producer),
Marcia at Badens side and a unidentified person next to Poerner.
Mário Pimentel de Castro Filho, Rein e Carlos Augusto Prates.

And the Baby, Tânia Prates, the daughter of the Lady of the house.
At the door Vivian Neumann Oropesa with Tania Prates-Rein in her lap,
Haydeé Rock Cintra and mother Tania.

The tape is lost. Leniza reminds, there was an unprecedented
samba Baden with Poerner. Edgard Pocas remembered there
was a huge improvisation and the conductor, who was present,
wanted to explain the impromptu conversation with Baden and he
said almost sharply, like a speech, something that we talk
Thanks to: Leniza Castello Branco for the sharing of her picture.
Tania Regina Pousada and Edgard Pocas (Brazil) for their help
and support.
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