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Baden Powell and Silvia Maria - Contos e Cantos, 1973

Image: here as pdf (11 MB)
Cantos e Contos
Baden Powell anmanha...
Concert Ad
A volta por cima
Year: The 11 MB-Reports from Friday-Monday, 9-12 November 1973, Brazil
The concert: Sunday, 25 November 1973, Teatro da Universidade Catalica

Jornal do Brasil, Thursday, 15 November 1973, Brazil
Jornal do Brasil, Monday, 19 November 1973, Brazil
Jornal do Brasil, Saturday, 24 November 1973, Brazil
Jornal do Brasil, Thursday, 6 December 1973, Brazil
Description: Autograph Translation:
Silvinha, music, women and drinks are like
children: only pure, got it! From your friendís
friendly heart, Baden
Thanks to: Silvia Maria for her generous support, by making available her reports to
all of us. At the same time, a big thank-you to Rodrigo for the organisation
and the establishment of the contact.
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