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Um Viol„o na Madrugada

1961 - Um Viol„o na Madrugada   1961 - Um Viol„o na Madrugada
Recorded: 1960, Studio Philips, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  1. Do jeito que a gente quer
  2. Minha Palhoca
  3. Fluido de Saudade
  4. Luz Negra
  5. Insonia
  6. Improviso em Bossa Nova
  7. Licao de Baiao
  8. Dona Baratinha
  9. Preludio ao coracao
  10. Luar de Agosto
  11. Dum... dum... dum... dum...
  12. Linda
Musicians: Baden Powell (git)
Carlos Monteiro de Souza e sua Orquestra
Label: LP: Philips 630 445 L (Brazil, 1961)
CD: Universal Music 04400165432 (Brazil, 2003)

BrazilOnGuitar says: On the second LP there are heavily orchestrated arrangements in the style of the fifties, as well as pieces with smaller combos, something he would later prefer for long periods. Instead of jazz standards there are first solo pieces by BP, where his classical education can be heard. Compositions like Fluido de Saudade reminds of Francisco Tarrega. In 1962 BP would record with names of the jazz world Herbie Mann and Jimmy Pratt. We thank Robert G. (Germany) for his translation.


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25 Jan 1961, p.34

O Globo
3 May 1961, p.11

A Luta Democratica
11 May 1961, p.4
His first mention in this Newspaper

O Jornal
25 May 1961, p.15

Jornal do Brasil
10 Aug 1961, p. 15

Diario de Noticias
7 Sep 1961, p. 12

Ultima Hora (RJ)
7 Dec 1961, p.12

A Noite
9 Dec 1961, p.10

O Globo
1 Feb 1963, p.9
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