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As Músicas de Baden Powell e Paulo César Pinheiro
- Os Cantores da Lapinha

1970 - Os Cantores da Lapinha   1970 - Os Cantores da Lapinha
Recorded: 1970, Studio CBD, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  1. Aviso Aos Navegantes
  2. Quaquaraquaqua (Vou Deitar E Rolar)
  3. Refem Da Solidao
  4. Carta De Poeta
  5. Lapinha
  6. E De Lei
  7. Falei E Disse
  8. Ponto
  9. Violao Vadio
  10. Samba Do Perdao
Musicians: Baden Powell (git, vcl)
Os Cantores da Lapinha (perc, vcl)
Label: LP: Elenco ME 63 (Brazil, 1970)
CD: Universal Music 04400165422 (Brazil, 2003)

BrazilOnGuitar says: In 1970 Baden Powell arranged and accompanied ten songs with the traditional percussion and vocal group "Os Cantores da Lapinha". This was the second to last Baden Powell record for Elenco. They are the best known songs by Baden Powell and Paulo Cesar Pinheiro and became standards. Only in 1977 he would turn again to this form of accompaning his own compositions.

The recording date is not known. We can only guess, that it was recorded between March-July of 1970 [2021]. In March 1970, Elizeth Cardoso recorded four compositions of the "As Musicas [...]" for her record "Falou e Disse". The accompaniment and arrangement was done by Baden Powell, who used a similiar conception, thus suggesting that the records were done at the same time. We thank Robert G. (Germany) for his translation.


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29 Nov 1970, p.38

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8 Dec 1970, p.36

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15 Dec 1970, p.38

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