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Shiretokoryojou - Hanayome
(Tedium of a Journey in Shiretoko - Bride)

1971 - Shiretokoryojou - Hanayome   1971 - Shiretokoryojou - Hanayome
1971 - Shiretokoryojou - Hanayome (MC)   1971 - Shiretokoryojou - Hanayome (MC)
Recorded: October 1970, Studio, Japan
  1. Shiretokoryojou
    (Tedium Of A Journey In Shiretoko)
  2. Hanayome (Bride)
  3. Daremo inai umi
    (The Sea Which Is In Nobody)
  4. Ikigai (Definite Aim In Life)
  5. Kyoutobojou (Affection In Kyoto)
  6. Dekigoto (Occurrence)
  7. Wakareta atode
    (After Unrequited Love)

  8. Boukyou (Homesickness)
  9. Onna no iji (A Woman's Temper)
  10. Hana no meruhen
    (The Fairy Tale Of A Flower)
  11. Aki demo nai noni
    (It Is Not Autumn, Either)
  12. Ai de kurunda iiwake
    (The Excuse Covered With Love)
  13. Memai (Giddiness)
  14. Houyou (An Embrace)

  15. Additional Tracks on MC

  16. Onnano asa (A Woman's morning)
  17. Otoko to Onnnano Kazoeuta
    (Count song of Men and Women)
  18. Tyutohanpa wa yamete (Stop halfway)
  19. Kyouto no Koi (Kyoto Doll)
  20. Ai no Kizuna (Bond of love)
  21. Mitiyuki (Way ahead)
Musicians: Baden Powell (git)
Jinzo Kosugi (arr.)
Unknown Japanese Orchestra
Label: LP: Pony Canyon Cal-5004 (Japan, 1971)
MC: Pony Canyon 20CPP 005 (Japan, 1971)

BrazilOnGuitar says: In October 1970 the Japanese Pony Canyon label would pay Baden Powell 30,000 US$ for recording 30 titles of modern Japanese music. The instrumental orchestra parts were already recorded by Japanese musicians, leaving only the guitar track to be added. Of the 30 titles only 14 were selected for the LP release, that was only avaliable for a short time in Japan only. We thanks Robert G. for his translation and Koji for his gift. Thanks to Yoshioka Shinichi for his detailed informations and the translations of the LP Ad.

Additional Comment 2019: A big thanks to the longtime BOG friend and follower Mark from Australia. He sent BOG the Shiretoko tape as gift. The tape comes with six additional Non-LP tracks. The tape has a slipcase and folded paper with the lyrics. The order of the titles on MC are different from the LP.

From Dominique Dreyfus Book "O violao vadio de Baden Powell", p.219-220: [...] a Japanese producer had invited him [Baden] to record an album for which he would pay 30 thousand dollars. [...] He went to discuss with the producer to indicate the repertoire, the musicians he would need, to see the arrangements... in short, to set up the production, and he replied: — "But the arrangements are ready.” — "How are they ready, if I haven't chosen the repertoire?" — "The repertoire is already defined, the orchestra has recorded its part, everything is ready... All you need to do is play your solos.” - “Has the orchestra played yet? But how did it record it if you don't know which key I'm going to play?" — "No, don't worry, everything will be fine." [...]
In the studio, they showed what he was going to play: 32 songs from the traditional Japanese repertoire. Baden was perplexed. Why the hell would they call a Brazilian guitarist of his class and pay him $30,000 to play Japanese music? Any guitarist would do the trick. But what could he do? It was already there, the Japanese man insisting that it had to be him, Baden Powell, it had to be his guitar: — Imagine, a Japanese music record with Baden Powell... Baden couldn't quite imagine. But frankly, the cache was worth any sacrifice.
So Baden played in Japanese for real. "They were very short songs, a minute or two at most. They played the play-back, I listened, reading the score, played it once to practice and that's it, we can record! The thing was to make it as fast as possible. Possible, for me to get out of the trap. I would finish a song, record another and so on, until I turned 32. In one night I recorded the whole record." I never knew the final result... nor did I want to. [...]


Translation of the LP Ad:
Brazilian Guitar Genius
Baden Powell's first Canyon exclusive record
The latest recording is now on sale!
Golden Guitarist
Guitar: Baden Powell
[The Tracklist of 14 Titles]
CANYON CAL-5004 30cm stereo \ Y 2,000

Japanese LP Ad
April 1971, Japan

Japanese MC Ad
10 April 1971, Japan
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