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Shiretokoryojou - Hanayome
(Tedium of a Journey in Shiretoko - Bride)

1971 - Shiretokoryojou - Hanayome   1971 - Shiretokoryojou - Hanayome
1971 - Shiretokoryojou - Hanayome (MC)   1971 - Shiretokoryojou - Hanayome (MC)
Recorded: October or November 1970, Studio, Japan
  1. Shiretokoryojou
    (Tedium Of A Journey In Shiretoko)
  2. Hanayome (Bride)
  3. Daremo inai umi
    (The Sea Which Is In Nobody)
  4. Ikigai (Definite Aim In Life)
  5. Kyoutobojou (Affection In Kyoto)
  6. Dekigoto (Occurrence)
  7. Wakareta atode
    (After Unrequited Love)

  8. Boukyou (Homesickness)
  9. Onna no iji (A Woman's Temper)
  10. Hana no meruhen
    (The Fairy Tale Of A Flower)
  11. Aki demo nai noni
    (It Is Not Autumn, Either)
  12. Ai de kurunda iiwake
    (The Excuse Covered With Love)
  13. Memai (Giddiness)
  14. Houyou (An Embrace)

  15. Additional Tracks on MC

  16. Onnano asa (A Woman's morning)
  17. Otoko to Onnnano Kazoeuta
    (Count song of Men and Women)
  18. Tyutohanpa wa yamete (Stop halfway)
  19. Kyouto no Koi (Kyoto Doll)
  20. Ai no Kizuna (Bond of love)
  21. Mitiyuki (Way ahead)
Musicians: Baden Powell (git)
unknown japanese orchestra
Label: LP: Pony Canyon Cal-5004 (Japan, 1971)
MC: Pony Canyon 20CPP 005 (Japan, 1971)

BrazilOnGuitar says: In October 1970 the Japanese Pony Canyon label would pay Baden Powell 30,000 US$ for recording 30 titles of modern Japanese music. The instrumental orchestra parts were already recorded by Japanese musicians, leaving only the guitar track to be added. Of the 30 titles only 14 were selected for the LP release, that was only avaliable for a short time in Japan only. We thanks Robert G. for his translation and Koji for his gift. Thanks to Yoshioka Shinichi for his detailed informations.

Additional Comment 2019: A big thanks to the longtime BOG friend and follower Mark from Australia. He sent us the Shiretoko tape as gift. The tape comes with six additional Non-LP tracks. The tape has a slipcase and folded paper with the lyrics. The order of the titles on MC are different from the LP.


Japanese MC Ad
10 April 1971, Japan
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