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Baden Powell On Stage

1971 - Baden Powell On Stage  1971 - Baden Powell On Stage
Recorded: Live, 19-20 April 1971, Sankei Hall, Tokyo
  1. Garota De Ipanema
  2. Consolacao
  3. Manha De Carnaval
  4. Na Baixa Do Sapateiro (Bahia)
  5. Samba Da Minha Terra
  6. Berimbau
  7. Samba Triste
  8. Formosa
  9. Itsuki-No-Komoriuta (The Lullaby Of Itsuki)
  10. Chanson De L'Adieu (Chopin, op.10, 3)
Musicians: Baden Powell (git, vcl)
Isao Suzuki (b)
Alfredo Bessa (perc, vcl)
Label: Canyon C-5007 (Japan, 1971)
Thanks to: Mark for sharing the japanese items.


BrazilOnGuitar says: On short notice the 25 year old Japanese Jazz bass player Isao Suzuki was replacing Ernesto-Ribeiro Goncalves on this record. BP's concert program was similiar to the one of his last tours through Europe and Japan. Despite of Isao Suzuki's unplanned contribution he proved to be an equal and versatile musician, finding his way between Alfredo and Baden.

It is not known whether Baden had planned to play the Japanese concerts in a trio formation. Maybe the right drummer was not yet found. It can only be guessed how this setting with the Japanese bass player influenced his future studio work. At the end of this year he would seek again the collaboration with a professional Jazz bassist recording enough material for two records.

The live versions of Maha de carnaval and Itsuki-no-kmoriuta are for us among the most beautiful arrangements in his solo repertoire of the 70ies. This record, released only in few copies for the Japanese market, has to be considered as one of the rarest collector's items and live recordings in the discography of Baden Powell. There was never a LP-reissue or a CD re-release - and after 50 years [2021] it is sadly still not to be expected.

We thanks Robert G. for his translation, and Masami Satoh, who was the first to point our attention to the record and -last not least- my friend Jerome Outhier from France for his help to get this record! A big thanks to Mark from Australia for sharing his concert flyer and concert book with all of us. A very special thank to Yoshioka Shinichi for his translations and detailed informations.


Concert Dates 9-22 April 1971:
April 7: Arrival in Japan
April 9: Osaka Festival Hall
April 12: Osaka Mainichi Hall
April 19: Tokyo Sankei Hall
April 20: Tokyo Sankei Hall
April 21: Tokyo Shibuya Hall
April 21-22: Cabaret Club "Golden Getsusekai,
  in Akasaka, Minato Ward, Tokyo
April 22: Tokyo Bunkyo Hall

Concert Flyer, April 1971, Japan

Concertbook, 1971, Japan
(as pdf) (3,79 MB)

Tribuna da Imprensa (RJ)
15 April 1971, p.8

Billboard, 15 May 1971, p.49

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