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Samba Triste - Vol.5

1975 - Samba Triste - Vol.5   1975 - Samba Triste - Vol.5
Recorded: 1975, Le studio Frémontel
at Le Fidelaire, Normandy
  1. Samba Triste
  2. Do jeito que a gente quer
  3. Valse No.1 (Valsa numero um)
  4. Babel (Samba Novo)
  5. Samba de Deixa
  6. Chico Ferreira e Bento
    (later renamed to Pescador)
  7. Casa Velha
  8. Tempo feliz
Musicians: Baden Powell (git, vcl)
Janine de Waleyne (vcl)
Guy Pedersen (b)
Jean Arpino (dr, perc)
Label: LP: Festival FLD 636 (France, 1975)
CD: Accord 102772 (France, 1989)

BrazilOnGuitar says: Samba Triste is a cleanly produced studio record. We believe that it was recorded after the 1974 tour in the beginning of 1975 as Pedro Santos and Joaquim Paes Henriques (his drummer on tour and in the studio during the last years) do not play on this record. On the following Festival records Jean Arpino took over the drums.

Most likely, 1975 at the studio in the Normandy there were recorded three albums within five days: Samba Triste, Melancolie and Tristeza 1976. These recordings were the last with Janine de Waleyne, Guy Pedersen, his preferred musicians of the last years.

On the record of Samba Triste is written Vol.5 next to the title. This should probably put this record in context with the other four Festival albums, as Baden Powell had wanted to record five instead of four albums. However the style of this record belongs to another phase of his musical development.

We think that at least one track is a outtake from another recording session: Casa Velha (Apaixonado). Further BP did rename two compositions: Alo Ernesto became Valse No.1 and Babel later became Samba Novo.

1989 Samba Triste was released on CD, together with Tristeza 1976. Nowadays this is a rarity as it has never been re-released. We thank Robert G. (Germany) for his translation and Mark from Australia for the Tape pics.

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