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Baden Powell canta
Vinicius de Moraes e Paulo Cesar Pinheiro

1977 - Baden Powell canta...   1977 - Baden Powell canta...
Recorded: April 1977, Studio Johanna, Paris
  1. Labareda
  2. Linda Baiana
  3. Cavalo Marinho
  4. Samba Da Bencao
  5. E De Lei
  6. Cancioneiro
  7. Figa De Guine
  8. Falei e Disse
  9. Bezouro Manganga
Musicians: Baden Powell (git, vcl)
Louis Felix Angelo "Luigi" Trussardi (b)
Raymond Guiot (fl)
Raymond Katarzynski (pos)
Andre Arpino (dr)
Sam Kelly, Nilton Marcelino,
Vilson Vasconcelos (perc)
Label: LP: Festival FLD 670 (France, 1977)
CD: Universal Music 983 280-0 (France, 2005)

BrazilOnGuitar says: Hard to find as original record and released now on cd. The most important thing is the good digital sound without any strange sound manipulation of the original tapes. The digipack includes a 10-page booklet in french and english by Dominique Dreyfus with three pictures. Only the layout of the original gatefoldcover is missing in this edition. On his last record for Festival Baden arranged and accompanied his own compositions. He played and sang his songs with a remarkable voice and relaxed mood. All the songs are standards nowadays. The record Maria D'Apparecida chante Baden Powell is similar to this project. We thank Jerome Outhier (France) for his gift and Robert G. (Germany) for his help by this translation.

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