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Movie Score "Bruma Seca", 1960

Baden Powell, 1962  
Recorded: 1960, Brazil
Info: At this point we add a rarity: Baden Powell was involved in the film music of "Bruma Seca". According to our research, there is unfortunately no EP, LP or CD release of the soundtrack. With the help of newspaper reports we set the recording year to 1960 (It is possible that the music could have been recorded as recently as 1961). It can be assumed that this is one of the first film scores in which he was involved. The film itself only ran on Brazilian Cinema on May 1, 1962. The Guitar theme is Badenís interpretation of a Folklore Theme "Bachianas Brasileiras" by Villa Lobos. The fact that this arrangement was never published is a real loss for the Baden friends. This arrangements and compositions had been add to his second LP "Um violao". The contribution can be listened to on YouTube. You can hear some Themes here:

Guitar Theme:

Guitar & Flute Theme :

End Theme & Credits:

This rare find is thanks to the Australian Mark van Holmes, who tirelessly searches for undiscovered recordings of the guitar master.

Musicians: Olga Maria Schoeter (vcl)
Paulo Moura (sax)
Arcy Melo Krieger (org)
Baden Powell (git)
J. Claudio (xyl)
Orfeao-Francisco Manoel (ch)
Abelardo Magalhaes (cond.)

Reports: Tribuna da Imprensa (RJ)
29 March 1960, p.9

Diario Carioca
24 Sep 1960, p.7

Ultima Hora (PR)
19 April 1961, p.14

Correio Braziliense (DF)
6 May 1961, p.11

Manchete, No.472
6 May 1961, p.57

Manchete, No.472, p.59

Manchete, No.472, p.60

Tribuna da Imprensa (RJ)
30 April 1962, p.7

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