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Title: 27 Horas de Estudio
(or Acuarelas du Brazil / Aquarelles du Bresil)
Cover: LP Brazil- front  /  back  /  label  /  different label
LP Japan - front  /  back  /  gatefold /  label
LP France - front  /  back  /  label
CD Brazil - front  /  back  /  booklet  /  disc  /  matrix
  1. Lotus
  2. Iemanja
  3. All the things you are
  4. Um abraco no codo
  5. Violao
  6. O cego aderaldo (Nordeste)
  7. A Lenda do Abaete
  8. Alo, Ernesto
    (Valsa numero um) (Valse No.1)
  9. Viagem
  10. Double
Group: Baden Powell Quartet
Musicians: Baden Powell (git, vcl)
Ernesto Ribeiro-Goncalves (b)
Helio Schiavo (dr)
Alfredo Bessa (perc)
and unknown strings
Guitar Model: Author 3 by luthier Reinaldo DiGiorgio
Year of performance: Studio, 1968
Producer & Crew: Direction and Producing: Joao Mello
Recording Engineers: Ary Carvalhaes and Celio Martins
Linernotes: Vinicius de Moraes, 1968 (in Portuguese)
Fotos: Gil Prates
Artwork Artist: Cesar Villela
Booklet Notes: Tarik de Souza, 2003 (Portuguese)
Total Time 36 min.
Label: Elenco (Brazil)
Barclay (Japan, France, Brazil)
Philips (Spain)
LP number: ME 57 (Elenco)
80416 (Barclay)
63 49 070 (Philips)
MC number: K7 ME 57 (Elenco)
CD number: 04400165452 (Universal Music, Brazil)
UPC / EAN number: 044001654527
Release Year: LP: 1969, Brazil Newspaper Reports
LP: 1970-1972, Brazil, France, Japan (as Acuarelas du Bresil)
LP: 1974, Spain
MC: 1973, Brazil
CD: 25 June 2003, Brazil
Also published as: Acuarelas du Bresil (Barclay (F) 80416
Aquarelles du Bresil (Barclay (BR) 416
Acuarelas de Brasil (Barclay (E) S-21.259)
Aquarelles du Bresil (Barclay (J) SR 459)
O Mestre do Violao Brasileiro (CD-Box, Brazil, 2003)
Last page update: January 2021

BrazilOnGuitar says: We think that 27 Horas de Estudio was recorded at the end of 1968 because BP played a very similar arrangement of Iemanja on Le Monde Musical 2. We don't know of any other record with this arrangement.

Lotus, swinging in the style of Django and Jacques Loussier, opens this ambitious record. It is one of the most beautiful compositions on 27 Horas and sounds like an hommage to these musicians, but is in fact dedicated to his fast car, a Lotus.
The string arrangement of All the things you are has not the lightness of the 1967 version and rather resembles the version from 1959. Three solo pieces form the center of this record, the Spanish Violao, the Moorish O cego aderaldo and the Brazilian A lenda do Abaete, showing that the thirty years old Baden belonged to the master guitarists of that time.

With compositions like Um abraco no codo or Alo, Ernesto he would deal with on later recordings. In 1974 Alo, Ernesto would become Valsa No.1 and be played in studio and on stage. The reflective Viagem and the Double by Bach close the record.

27 Horas de Estudio was for a long time only available as an LP and (without the WWW) very hard to find outside of Brazil. The long awaited CD-reissue (2003) was carefully remastered and shows the original Elenco cover.

We thank Robert G. (Germany) for his translation.

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