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Le Monde Musical de Baden Powell Vol.2

Cover: LP Testprint France - front  /  back  /  Side A  /  B
LP France - front  /  back  /  gatefold  /  label
LP Brazil - front  /  back  /  label
EP Japan - front  /  back  /  label
Single France- front  /  back  /  label
CD Japan - front  /  back  /  booklet  /  disc  /  matrix
  1. Lapinha
  2. Nocturne (Chopin, Opus 48, No.1)
  3. Lamento
  4. A Volta
  5. Ao Meu Amigo Pedro Santos
  6. Formosa
  7. Aria
  8. Iemanja
  9. Tres Historias
  10. Largo
  11. Maritima
Musicians: Baden Powell (git, vcl)
Raymond Guiot (fl)
Ivan Jullien (trp, arrangements, conductor)
Nelson Serra de Castro (dr)
Silvio Silviera (perc)
Guitar Model: Author 3 by luthier Reinaldo DiGiorgio
Year of performance: From Sunday to Monday, 12-13 January 1969
Studio Barclay-Hoche, Paris, France
Producer & Crew: Direction and Producing: Jacques Lubin
Fotos: Alain Sadoc / Jean-Pierre Leloir (int.)
Total Time 38:20 min.
Label: Barclay (France)
Ebrau (Brazil)
LP number: 80385 (France & Brazil)
S-21099 (Spain)
EP number: PS-151 (Japan)
Single number: 61568 L (France)
CD number: POCJ 2766 (1999)
HBIM 1181929 (2014)
UCCU-90051 (2015)
UPC / EAN number: 4988005233318
Release Year: LP: 29 January 1969, Testprint, France
LP: 1969, France, Brazil, Spain
EP: 1969, Japan

Notice in
"O Globo", 21 Jan 1969, p.25
"O Globo", 8 Feb 1969, p.4
"O Globo", 20 March 1969, p.6
"O Globo", 11 April 1969, p.6

Single: 1971, France
CD: 8 Mai 1999, Japan
CD: 24 June 2014, Japan
CD: 10 June 2015, Japan
Description: Two french LP´s with the same number circulated. One is with the
gatefoldcover, which is nicer. Inside a typical picture: Baden with
closed eyes and headphones.
Also published on: Bande Originale Du Film De Pierre Kalfon "La Cravache"
Baden Powell "Best 4"
Last page update: February 2021

BrazilOnGuitar says: The second volume of Le Monde Musical has again the approved mixture of arrangements, romantic themes, a standard and own compositions. BP sings Lapinha, one of his compositions that won the first prize in the I Bienal do Samba with Elis Regina and the Originais do Samba in 1968.

The romantic string arrangements are done according to the European taste of that time. The most interesting compositions are Ao meu amigo Pedro Santos, Iemanja and Maritima. They point to his future development: Maritima, the only solo piece has harmonic elements of the Estudos album, Ao meu amigo Pedro Santos would be in his concert program in 1974, and Iemanja would appear in a similarly percussed version on 27 Horas de Estudio.

The Japanese CD release is as usual very well done: carefully remastered and the cover is a miniature same as the original gatefold cover from 1969.

We thanks Robert G. for his translation and Olaf for first scans and infos. A special thanks to François Decker (son of Jacqueline François) for his generous gift of the Test-LP.

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