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Tristeza on Guitar

1967 - Tristeza on Guitar   1967 - Tristeza on Guitar
Recorded: 1-2 June 1966, Studio RioSom / Studio Atonal,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  1. Tristeza
  2. Canto de Xango
  3. Round about Midnight
  4. Sarava
  5. Canto de Ossanha
  6. Manha de Carnaval
  7. Invencao Em 7
  8. Das Rosas
  9. Som do Carnaval
  10. O Astronauta
Musicians: Baden Powell (git, agogo, surdo)
Copinha (fl)
Sergio Barroso (b)
Alfredo Bessa (atabaque, guica)
Amauri Coelho (pandeiro, atabaque)
Milton Banana (dr)
Label: LP: Saba / MPS SB 15090 (ST) (Germany, 1967)
CD: MPS EDEL 0211972MSW (Germany, 2017)

BrazilOnGuitar says: In the liner notes Joachim E. Berendt tells how he searched for BP, to no avail. However, 8 days later BP showed up at the agreed meeting point to record with JEB for SABA. Tristeza on Guitar became an international success and opened up possibilites for BP in Europe and Japan. JEB became BP's agent and producer from June 1966 until December 1971.

All arrangements have high musical quality and we think that Tristeza on Guitar and Poema On Guitar are among his best records. Fourty years later these records still sound fresh, moving feet and heart. BP shows a profile of his musical abilities, ideas and development. The entire record is played with great dedication making it sound as if BP and his musicians put every single record into its sleeve and kissing it good-bye. Thus releasing this master piece of wild and swinging Brazilian carnival into the world.

The record: Both sides mirror each other. They start with an early standard of carnival music: Tristeza and Manha de Carnaval. Canto de Xango and Invencao are dialogues. The solo pieces Round Midnight and Das Rosas are facing each other, as well as the wilder pieces Sarava and Som do Carnaval. Final songs are on both sides compositions by Baden Powell and Vinicius de Moraes: Canto de Ossanha and Astronauta. On the Brazilian outtake album Baden / O Som de Baden Powell can be found alternative takes and different songs from the same recording session.

The Tristeza on Guitar is a must for every Baden Powell collection. Finding the original pressing might get difficult for collectors and BP-friends because there were used the same SABA numbers. There exist a rare German CD version from 1990 and a Japanese pressing from 1999, which has a more brilliant sound. Both do not have a reproduction of the original gatefold cover with pictures from the studio sessions. On the CD samplers from 1989, Baden Powell (829 871-2), and 1993, Three Originals can be found a complete version of Tristeza on Guitar. We thank Robert G. (Germany) for his translation.


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