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Baden / O Som de Baden Powell

1968 - Baden / O Som de Baden Powell   1968 - Baden / O Som de Baden Powell
Recorded: 1-2 June 1966, Studio RioSom / Studio Atonal,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  1. Canto De Ossanha   *
  2. Tristeza
  3. Manha De Carnaval
  4. Round About Midnight   *
  5. Invencao Em 7   *
  6. Canto De Xango
  7. Percussao E Batuque
  8. Lamento   *
  9. Sarava
  10. Das Rosas   *
Musicians: Baden Powell (git, agogo, surdo)
Copinha (fl)
Sergio Barroso (b)
Alfredo Bessa (atabaque, guica)
Amauri Coelho (pandeiro, atabaque)
Milton Banana (dr)
Label: LP: Elenco ME 48 (Brazil, 1968)
CD: Universal Music 04400165442 (Brazil, 2003)

BrazilOnGuitar says: Baden is partially an outtake [ * ] album from the Tristeza on Guitar sessions in June 1966. They are alternative takes with slight variations e.g. in Das Rosas or Round Midnight and unused songs like Canto de Ossanha or Lamento, one title was named differently. They have a very different sound. The SABA recording sound have a stronger bass sound, probably according to the musical taste of mostly jazz producer Joachim E. Berendt. The sound of the Brazilian Elenco pressing sounds more intimate and personal, without the strong bass sound on all instruments.

Thus it is not a simple re-pressing of the famous SABA record, but shows a certain independence, reaching uniqueness. This is emphasised by using rare pictures, Baden Powell ether with Herbie Mann, who did not take part in the recording session, and a less typical PR picture showing Baden doing a chord spanning six frets.

Baden is a well-done outtake album, unfortunately the only in his discography. BOG recommends listening to both recordings, if possible the 2017-German-CD version of Tristeza on Guitar and the Baden-reissue from 2003 (whose tracklist is wrong, Sarava instead if Samba de Bencao, furthermore there is a graphical mistake in the front cover). We thank Robert G. (Germany) for his translation.


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28 April 1968, p.13

O Jornal
6 June 1968, p.17

O Poti
9 June 1968, p.3

Diario de Pernambuco
3 July 1968, p.15

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7 Jan 1978, p.28

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