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Poema on Guitar

1968 - Poema on Guitar   1968 - Poema on Guitar
Recorded: 11 November 1967, MPS-Studio, Villingen, Germany
  1. Feitinha pro Poeta
  2. Dindi
  3. Consolacao
  4. Tristeza e Solidao
  5. Samba Triste
  6. Valsa de Euridice
  7. All the things you are
  8. Reza
Musicians: Baden Powell (git)
Sidney Smith (fl)
Eberhard Weber (b)
Charly Antolini (dr)
Label: LP: Saba / MPS 15150 (ST) (Germany, 1968)
CD: MPS UCCU-9220 (Japan, 2006)

BrazilOnGuitar says: In 1967 BP recorded his first album in Germany: Poema On Guitar. It was his second record on the SABA label and again JEB was the producer. What can be said about Tristeza on Guitar can be found on this record, too. Both are among his best instrumental recordings of the sixties. The first print has a Gatefoldcover with words by Joachim E. Berendt in german and english.

After his appearance in the Berlin Jazz days on November 5th JEB organised first class musicians for the recording sessions: Eberhard Weber on bass, Sidney Smith on flute and Charly Antolini on drums. BP was so impressed with this rhythm group that he wanted to return to Germany to record more with them. But only in 1971 he recorded two albums with the well appreciated Eberhard Weber.

A possible interpretaion of this record can be done on the selection and order of the songs: it could be seen as personal reminiscence of Sylvia Telles, who died on December 17th 1966. Feitinha, the girl, followed by Dindi, dedicated to her, Consolacao, comfort and melancholy Tristeza e Solidao.

On the second side there are baroque elements combined with Jazz: Samba triste, BP's first hit in Brazil and his opening piece in the Berlin Jazz days, Euridice, calling from the realm of the dead, All the things you are, in a very beautiful arrangement for accoustic guitar, and Reza, a prayer, sung in 1966 by Edu Lobo in the last tour with Sylvia Telles.

In Japan POG was released in 1999 and 2006 on CD in the known high quality. On the sampler "Three originals" (1993) can be found the entire record. It is however split on two CDs, but follows the original side change of the LP. We thank Robert G. (Germany) for his translation.


July-Sep 1968, Germany
translation as pdf

30 Oct 1968, Brazil

Jornal do Brasil
20 June 1972, p.63
"The New Dave Pike Set"

Jazz & Blues (UK)
Oct 1973, p.28

To Brazil On Guitar! All the best and many success,
heartly greets, Charly Antolini

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