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Baden - Marcia - Show / Recital

1968 - Baden - Marcia  1968 - Baden - Marcia
Recorded: Live, 5th July - 4th August 1968
Teatro Bela Vista, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  1. Vento Vadio
  2. Marcha Escocesa
  3. Carinhoso
  4. Valsa De Euridice
  5. Berimbau
  6. Canto Do Caboclo Pedra Preta  *
  7. So Por Amor  *
  8. Apelo  *
  9. Samba Da Bencao  *
Musicians: Baden Powell (git, vcl)
Ernesto Ribeiro-Goncalves (b)
Helio Schiavo (dr)
Alfredo Bessa (perc, vcl)
Manoelzinho (fl)
Marcia (vcl)   *

Os Originais do Samba   *
Bigode (pandeiro)
Lelei (tamborim)
Rubens (surdo)
Chiquinho (agogo)
Mussum (reco-reco)
Zeca (cuica)
Label: LP: Philips 765.052 L (Brazil, 1968)
CD: Universal Music 04400165462 (Brazil, 2003)

BrazilOnGuitar says: In the Summer of 1968 did BP a couple of concerts with his quartet, the singer Marcia and the percussion group Originais do Samba. The first recording of the Baden Powell Quartet is from a show in the Teatro Bela Vista. In the Show part Baden Powell plays compositions like Vento Vadio or Marcha Escocesa that he would perform many times in his life.

After Euridice, sounding even more delicately and beautifully than on Poema on Guitar, the quartet starts a raw and intense arrangement of Berimbau, which later would lose nothing of its original sound on the tiring European tour in 1970. Baden Powell's characteristic raw guitar sound would become innate to his early style.

On Recital, second part of the record, Baden sings and plays with Marcia (*) and the Originais do Samba (*). Most likely, the Show with the quartet and the Recital with Marcia were combined from various shows in the Teatro Bela Vista.

Show/Recital was for a long time only available as an LP and (without the web) very hard to find outside of Brazil. The long awaited CD-reissue (2003) was carefully remastered and shows the original cover. The booklet of the CD-reissue contains all lyrics. The recording quality of the CD re-issue is better than the original LP. We thank Robert G. (Germany) for his translation.

Ao Mark, com carinho da
30 October 2022


Unknown Newspaper
5 July 1968, p.10
O Mundo Musical de Baden Powell
Thanks to Edgard Pocas.
translation as pdf

10 July 1968
Baden e seu mundo musical

1 Aug 1968
Baden deixa o Bela Vista

Diario Noite (?)
7 Aug 1968
Reestreara hoje no TBC
Thanks to Edgard Pocas.
Englisch / German translation as pdf

8 Aug 1968
Concert Ad

Diario de Pernambuco
6 Oct 1968, p.19

Diario de Pernambuco
13 Oct 1968, p.26

Unknown Newspaper
16 Oct 1968
Previews "Show Recital"

Correio da Manhã (RJ)
25 Oct 1968, p.14

Diario de Noticias
24 Nov 1968, p.15
Previews "Show Recital"

Jóia Revista Feminina, No.185
January 1969, p.108

Diario de Pernambuco
19 Jan 1969, p.17

Intervalo, No.320
23 March 1969, p.34
Os Originais do Samba
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